Bubble Buddy

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Bubble buddy is een zeepbakje gemaakt van gerecycled plastic en komt in 7 mooie pastelkleuren. Laat je (happy) soap  er op uitlekken of rasp zeepvlokken met de rasp om zelf vloeibare zeep of wasmiddel te maken.

Hi there! I’m your Bubble Buddy. Use me to grate organic soap bars instead of buying all kinds of liquid soap in plastic bottles and soap dispensers. Now don’t get me wrong, plastic is a really cool modern material – used in the right way and in the right place. Like me, for instance: recycled plastic! But humans are throwing away so much plastic which ends up in our sewage, our rivers, and seas. And that’s not cool at all. Together, you and I can cut down on plastic bottles in your home. Isn’t that a ‘grate’ start?


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